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We are a dynamic team of talented and seasoned business professionals. Our extensive combined executive experience enables us to leverage our organizational, communications and business development skills to deliver a real-world scope of business services, including English language training, skills development and productivity workshops, creation of fresh and compelling narratives and business development consulting. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and explore how we can help you achieve your professional objectives.

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Daniel Voorhees


Daniel Voorhees grew up in Michigan, in the central US. He has parlayed his Business Administration education into an ongoing love of business. He has started, managed and sold several businesses in North America, the Caribbean, Singapore and Thailand. His background includes computer systems engineering, mergers & acquisitions, business development consulting, real estate sales and marketing and yacht sales. Daniel has assisted his many consulting clients with advice and support in the areas of market and competitive analysis, new market development, strategic alliances, marketing, communications and website development. His keen market insight, extensive business experience and objective analytical talent give him the ability to understand your situation and help you develop practical solutions and compelling narratives and communications.

Laura Vallati


Laura is an intuitive, engaging communicator with an extensive breadth of real-world business and training experience. Laura has enjoyed a successful career as a business executive and brings with her 25 years of management experience at director level, globally. Educated in Italy and England, Laura is completely bilingual and bicultural. She has lived and worked extensively in the UK, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. She is also a multi-disciplinary Yoga Master and Mindfulness Coach and brings her vast experience to her “Mindfulness at Work” workshops. Laura holds a Trinity Cert-TESOL teaching qualification and a Master’s Certificate in Business Management from Cornell University, NY, USA. Laura has extensive training experience within diverse business environments, including esteemed companies like Eni, Accenture, IBM, ABB, Agenzia delle Dogane e Monopoli and Camera dei Deputati.

Our Mission

To connect the Business World across borders to foster collaboration, nurture personal and professional growth, and create expansive opportunities.

To provoke curiosity and exploration, encourage disruption, and celebrate diversity to bridge cultural, social, and ethnic differences through education and positive experiences.

To promote mindfulness at work, as the key to positive personal achievement, business productivity, and endless creativity.

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